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Frequently Asked Questions to Christian Drye


If your question is not answered, please feel free to email me on the "contact" menu tab. Although, emails come to my phone, I may not have a chance to respond as fast as you like - please be patient with me. You are free to repost my illustrations under a few conditions: you attribute each and every posting to @SeeDrye and/or hashtag #SeeDrye; you do not use the work for commercial purposes; and you do not alter, transform or build upon the work. 


How long have you been painting? Into fashion? into art? 


Honestly, since January 2015. This is my newest skill. I started in 2007 with graphic design at Central State University. I use to design a lot of the flyers on campus. While at CSU, A lot of my friends had an interest in dressing up and styling cothes - and it has carried on over the years. 


Will you do a drawing of me (or of anybody else)?


I would love to do so but there isn't much time in my schedule to actually do it. My life is so hectic and I wouldn't get around to it. 


Do you do commissioned work?


Currently, I do not do commissions. I have a show each month and that causes me to constantly be in preparation mode in my free time. Maybe in the future I will begin a commission schedule. 


Did you go to school for this?


Yes and no. I attended Wayne State University for Fashion Merchandising for a semester. During that semester I took a drawing class that inpired me to try new mediums (One was paint). I didn't get to take a painting class so I taught myself how to paint. I'm still learning - I try to get better with each piece. 


Will you style me for an event?


Yes I would love to do so. Please email me the details and I will give you an invoice, prices vary. Please be mindful to give me enough time to work, I do not accept last minute inquiries. 


Do you still design flyers?


No, I am proud to say I no longer create flyers. It was fun while it lasted. I also do not take pictures anymore. 


Do you do prints of your work?


1. Non-Commissioned Works: For any original painting purchased, clients must know that it is at the discretion of the artist to decide if prints (duplicates) will be made of that said painting. 


2. Commissioned Works: Out of respect for the client, it is decided by that client if prints (duplicates) will be made of works that have been personally requested. 



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