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Saved My Life

Mount Rainier

A Collection by christian A. Drye

Driving Down A Westside Highway 

So I'm driving, on my way to Mount Rainier National Park and I see this view to my right. I immediately parked and had to take this whole view in. Besides the "cold peanut butter' thick clouds, the sight was still amazingAs people fly past me, I"m in the street trying to get my camera angles together to document this moment. 

I get back into the car, I may be about less than 20miles outside of the MRNP (Mount Rainier National Park), I just remember playing "MiAMi" by Torey lanez and Gunna, then the tears broke the levee! What People didn't know was that I spoke into existence (a year prior) that I would actually see MRNP in person and it was less than 20miles from my current location. What stood between my home in Cincinnati and my wildest dream was 2,348.7miles of probability. Now that probability was about to be a reality. I couldn't help but thank God for giving me this opportunity and I had to thank him for creating such beauty within my national boundary. Another thing people didn't know was, I shoved away a trip to Jamaica for this trip to see Mount Rainier. It was that important to me to be there for my birthday.   

Mount Rainier 

located in Southwest Washington state | Elevation: 14, 410 ft. 

ACTIVE  stratovolcano

Active - a volcano that has had at least one eruption during the past 10,000 years. An active volcano might be erupting or dormant.

Dormant an active volcano that is not erupting, but supposed to erupt again.

Eruptinga active volcano that is having an eruption...

Extinct has not had an eruption for at least 10,000 years and is not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future.

Straovolcanoa conical volcano built up by many layers (strata) of hardened lava.

Last Eruption: 1894

3 of 5 developed areas inside of Mount Rainier National Park


Elevation: 2,761 ft. 

All of Longmire is now designated a national historic district. 


Elevation: 5,400 ft.

Located on the south slope of Mount Rainier in the national park. Paradise is the most popular destination for visitors to Mount Rainier National Park.


Elevation: 6,400 ft.

The highest point in Mount Rainier Nation park to access by vehicle. 

Mount Rainier 


It was amazing to be able to experience this beautiful sight in person. I follow a handful of photographers who have taken the most beautiful pictures of this stunning volcano you will ever see. However, the feeling I felt in my spirit painted my mind in ways I cannot express with words. I only hope to showcase everything in my artwork throughout the forthcoming years. Before I had journeyed to Mount Rainier, I was going through so much pain and battling depression on a daily. So much pain, that I titled my art show "All of this came from dePRESSion" 3 months prior to be being at MRNP. I questioned my abilities, I questioned God, my existence...everything. I could not figure out what the problem was. I was told, "everything falls apart before something great happens." That it did! A week before my arrival, my AirBnb fell through, my rental car connect in Seattle fell through and I was losing hope at a rapid pace. My brother, Brandon Woodard, told me about a company called TURO - that's a car rental app. This was literally moments before deciding I was going to cancel my trip (and since I told everybody I was going - I was going to just stay in the house to save face). Found the TURO car for a great price, booked the car and I got my Airbnb fixed. In the darkest hours of pain, God finds a way to exude his Majesty. “Flight attendants, prepare for take-off please.”  I made it safely to Seattle and got settled into my cozy Airbnb and I am officially ready to see Mount Rainier.


The main thing I want people to understand from this trip, from this testimony and from this collection is this: GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS! Instead of helping me at home, instead of God letting me cancel my trip, instead of God letting me not experience being an OVERCOMER, he went silent. He took me across country to look an ACTIVE volcano in the face. I faced my fears. I cried my heart out and for the very first time I felt the presence of God. At that very moment, I knew God heard my prayers. I knew without a doubt God was real. At the very moment I type this paragraph I cry again. Thank you God for showing me, I wont always have people with me to journey through life. Sometimes You have to maneuver through the pain yourself to find that MOUNTAIN of a blessing. My tripod and I were on a mission to loaf through the woods of MRNP to see everything daylight had to offer. I am glad I did not encounter a Black bear or mountain lion, however, I didn't worry at all. I risked it all. The whole time, it was raining! Typically, I would complain about being soaked with clothes on. This time, I was on a mission to get my blessing. The level of peace that God bestowed upon me was one I've never experienced in my 30yrs of living. Being in the "blast zone" of a volcano that is expected to erupt again at some point is not a normal exercise of someone on a quest for peace. But "WHEN YOU EXERCISE FAITH, GOD WILL EXERCISE FAVOR" (Pearl, 2019).

|A|rt  |R|eal |T|hing.


Mount Rainier



Mount Rainier



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