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"Thank You by Complex Heart"

"Thank You by Complex Heart"


Soooo I did a thing. In effort to continue to grow my greeting card business, I decided to create a collection of card specifically for Thank You's. While my cards are created by me and purposely left blank for your personalized sentiments - I wanted to bring the focus on what matters most, your thankfulness. More on the way with many designs as well, please stay tuned. 


These cards can be purchased indivually for $3 or in a bundle of 8 for $20. 

(If you select the "bundle of 8" option, it will automatically calculate to $20 per unit.

ex. Clicking the "2" bundle of 8 option will total you to $40)


Pre-orders will be Aug. 14, 2020 - Aug. 21, 2020 and will print Aug. 24th to be available for local pick-up (please select the pick-up option on the shipping page) or shipping. 

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