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This past 4th of July I had a random photo shoot downtown Detroit. Normally, I write a script for the shoot and give it a name -I guess, I'll call this "Sweet Water Wing." Which is really random, however, my boy Mike and I had just left Sweet Water Tavern downtown eating their special wings.


I found this particular old parking lot downtown that was decorated by a beautiful mural, I had to get some shots. Mike and I went over and proceeded to do what we do best -get fly!


Beauty is everywhere, open your eyes. I kept finding random things around us to shoot with. This piece of wood was randomly in the abandon parking lot, perfect! Black and white color value is my new found favorite.


Just around the corner was this random graffiti, this shoot kept getting better-and-better. I always wanted to do a shoot infront of graffiti but not of myself -I wanted to use my model Gabby. I love mixing two opposites -beauty and "ugly."


I jump down from the graffiti and this artistic dumpster was placed here for a reason. Here, I stand, in the middle of what could be considered "chaos." Who wants to be by a dumpster or some alley in a random location? Not the ideal situation, huh? Correct, well maybe at night time or if you're by yourself. But I stand out, in this photo and in the real world. My colors are brighter, I shine more than my surrounding in this photo but in life thats my goal, also. Always stand out and strive for more -no matter what is going on around you.


It's a black and white world -you determine where your color is placed. "Color" is your skills, talents and gifts -nobody can be a better you. Give the world your color, mine is my ability to express my imagination and emotions -I am a artist and writer. What kind of "color" do you have?


First find the path. Then stay on the path no matter what. Everybody has a path, they can appear similar but the eye can be tricky. No person in the world has the same DNA, how can you have the same path?


I was scared being up there that high. I had no safety rope, it was wet and slippery, and old. But life is scary also, take risk and face your fears. What are fears? I think it's a mental substance that holds us back. A lot of time things are mental and aren't really that serious but we make them more than what they really are. At the time when I am fearful, thats when I have to face it. Before I do a public speech, I am nervous! My throat closes up and my heart beats fast -every time! But when that happens, I say my first word. I take the step to get past my fears. You can do the same.


Before I got all the way down, you know I had to get a picture! But I faced my fears and got that scene done. I took a risk. I saw that fire escape and knew it would be a great shot. I choose to climb up there, I knew the rest -did I care? No. I needed a good photo. Artist take risk. Your "color" may require you to take risk. Man (or woman) up, and take a positive risk to chase your dreams.

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