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April 26, 2016

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Christian Drye goes head-to-head with Fashion Model Erin Daniels

August 14, 2014


A lot of models get into this business at a young age, that's no different for Erin who made her debut at age 12. Modeling for her, at the time, was just something to do- an attempt to keep her busy, so her mom thought. She decided to attend John Casablancas Modeling and Career Service Centers just after going to a casting call and it going well. 


There aren't but a few actual modeling schools around, there are tons of modeling agencies though. For Erin, John Casablancas started her off with the basics and they taught her. At an agency you pay all of this money once you get signed, they may not teach you anything and you may not get booked. "If I wanted to be booked while going to John Casablancas, it was up to me" Erin Stated. For a total of two years she attended JC for twice a week, six hours a session. There she learned monologues, she went to various modeling workshops, and the proper way to apply makeup and other cosmetics. 


Modeling is in a way it's own world, either you belong in it or you don't- it's no grey area. It's very competitive and straight forward, the strong survive but only the chosen will succeed. It requires time and patience, while in high school Erin was involved in numerous extracurricular and academic activities, which prevented her from dedicating the time to continue modeling. Upon graduating from North College Hill High School (Cincinnati, OH) in 2013, she went on to Howard University to study broadcast journalism and spanish. She is still caught up in school activities, academic victory and the crazy life of a college student but she's now working her way back into modeling. At the university she has participated in some amazing fashion shows, DC Fashion Law, Howard Homecoming Impromptu, Howard Springfest Fashion Show, just to name a few. She even modeled for a few local businesses in the DC area as of  recently. 


Modeling went from something to do to something she enjoys. "Modeling is a release for me" Erin claims. We all need a release from the world to be able to clear our mind, I'm glad she has talent within her release. Upon graduation from Howard University she doesn't plan to pursue modeling head-on, if the opportunity presents itself then she'll take it but if not she'll live life until it happens. 

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