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Christian Drye goes head-to-head with Malissa Martin of Sanford Martin Publishing

Those who personally know me, know I am really passionate about writing. So is this lady who runs Sanford Martin Publishing. Malissa Martin is one of my dearest friends, we met when I moved to Detroit back in 2012. Now I have a collection of works that could go through a publishing house and when the time is right they will. Side story, I sent Malissa a story I wrote a while back and I was so excited thinking it was about to get published. She read it and told me "It's too short. My company publishes Novels, you have to add more words." I was heartbroken, at least she said it was a good story ha ha. Right now that story is about 40,000 words short, one day I plan to send it back to Malissa.

To get back on topic, this Oakwood University graduate is amazing to say the least. She is a humble Christian woman who believes in hard work and respecting herself. I believe she will flourish and go farther than the moon because God is behind her. The book "Toni Michael" will be back available next month (July 2014) so stay tuned as she continues promoting her debut release. I am please to present Malissa to you all and look forward to us working together again (we do design work toghether that is unknown by you all).


Christian Drye: Introduce yourself and your business.

Malissa Martin: My name is Malissa Martin and I’m a writer by passion and trade. I’m the founder and owner of Sanford Martin Publishing, LLC and author of “Toni Michael” which debuted in 2013.

CD: How long have you been writing and what drew your interest in the "writing" direction?

MM: I’ve been writing for more than 10 years. What drew me to writing is the power of words. One sentence can have a lasting effect on someone’s life. Being able to tell a story that educates, entertains, or inspires are the three reasons I write every day.

CD: Is there a particular genre you prefer? On the contrary, what's your least favorite?

MM: I prefer fiction novels. They allow the mind to escape everyday situations and problems. Fiction novels have a way of getting into the readers minds in a way that a real person may never be able to. I don’t have a least favorite genre. I love them all because every author has the opportunity to change a reader’s opinion about a particular genre.

CD: I know you are an educated woman, were you involved in any type of publications in high school or college?

MM: I wrote a few articles for my high school newspaper and college newspaper. My major in undergrad was electronic media so I focused a lot on radio and TV outlets, internships, and other opportunities in that field. It wasn’t until after being in the field that I realized it wasn’t my true passion. So, I decided to get my master’s in journalism at Wayne State University to truly hone my craft.

CD: You have one book out so far that you debuted last year, what was the motivation to choose "now" -what made it the right time?

MM: I’m an avid reader of all types of genres, but I noticed a lack of books dealing with college. There are several books about high school and life after college but very few hit the head on the nail with the meat of a college life tale. I realized that although every college setting is different, the life changing experience is the same. When I decided that it was time to write my book, my mentor Marsha Sanders-Jenkins (“The Other Side of Through”)said to write about something I know. And college…I know. CD: Do you find it difficult to get new people interested in your work?

MM: I think since I’m a new author and readers don’t know me yet, that I don’t have a strong following. However, there are things that I do as a publisher to help introduce readers to my company. For example, offer the first few pages of a book online for free to readers to get them interested in a book. CD: Are there a team of individuals who work for your company or is it self-driven?

MM: Right now I do everything except book editing. It’s one of the most important jobs in publishing so I have a freelance editor that I work closely with to edit.

CD: What steps are you taking to continue promotion of this book?

MM: I have a website, Facebook page, and Instagram page. I go to conference and events to expand my network circle. I also write freelance articles for magazines and newspapers to get my name company name out in the public. Finally, I’m making plans to participate in book expos around the US this fall.

CD: How do you choose when it's time to publish your next collection of work?

MM: When the plot comes to me it’s time to write the outline. I don’t push the story just to publish it. The story will find me, like it always does. CD: Do you have any plans of publishing any other authors outside of yourself?

MM: Absolutely! I’ve already been in contact with a N.Y. author to publish her science fiction novel. It should be completed by the end of 2014 and published someone next year if all goes well. CD: If somebody wanted to publish through your company how would they go about it?

MM: They would have to send the completed manuscript to the company for review and approval. If the book is selected to be published, we’ll off the author a contract and move from there.

CD: Any last words?

MM: Please visit my website for writing tips and a host of fun and creative things to do with books. My book “Toni Michael” will go back on sale July 2014.



Instagram: @sanfordmartinpublishingllc

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