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Losing yourself or finding peace?


The world is full of chaos, greed, evil, and negativity- they could possibly be synonomous to each other. You have all of this going on in THE world which effects how life is lived in YOUR world- how can you manage? What do you do to escape the pressures of life?

What I do varies from event-to-event. But one thing I always do is choose to be alone. I need to be with my own thoughts for awhile so I can actually grasp what's going on, then I can react or reply. Reacting before I regroup or reframe always lead to a bad outcome. However, thats my world- what you do may be totally different.

Being an artist, people judge your art- I go through that daily. People try to limit your power. Me, I'm going to say what I want, do what I want and be who I want. If you have a problem with that then you don't actually

respect me as a person. To know me, is to know I will always make conscious attempts to do what's morally right and not wrong.

The ocean is so mysterious, this picture sums up my life. Some times the world forces you into a place where you have to reframe and reflect your life and this picture is depictive of that. Our thoughts are scary at times like this ocean but it's your job to tame them and create the quietness and beauty that you need.

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