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"Sharper than the Rest: a PIN point on accessories" by Christian A. Drye

I've seen a lot of people attempt the lapel pin, boutonnière, or lapel flower as it's been called. The only problem I've faced is the quality is bad, options are few and prices are expensive. That's until you stop by Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; a young man by the name of Kaelan Sharperson runs a brand called "Sharper Sons" and it goes beyond the name. This has to be the most amazing quality I've ever seen from and up and coming small business. The pieces are genially crafted and you can see the patience and determination inside the product. The construction is so creative and durable, it's like none other. What I like most about lapel pins, you can make them look formal, dressy, or casual- you have to have design options in fashion. Everyone does the "flower" look and that has become boring, what do you promote when flowers are out of season during winter? People need options, people need creativity, and they need flavor when it comes to men’s accessories they will wear on a suit. How do you not "do too much" but provide the perfect accent for an outfit? That is an essential question when it comes to men’s fashion, so I asked Kaelan himself. Take a look at the conversation below: Kaelan Sharperson: People always say "Simplicity is significant." When finding the perfect accent for an outfit, I generally choose a color that serves as a good contrast to the outfit to give me a little splash of color. Maybe a pocket square, watch band, or lapel pin. Those one or two items will bring the outfit together without being too over the top. Christian Drye: What inspired you to craft such an amazing accessory? KS: To be honest, I'm inspired by things I see on a daily basis. When watching old movies, men frequented boutonnières and the idea sparked that I should create my own. Many of my designs are inspired by things you'd least expect like the Sharper Sons Colored Wool Acorn Lapel Pin or the Trix Cereal Inspired Lapel Flower Pin. CD: Has the recent increase of boutonnière producing companies effected your goals in anyway? If so how? Also, what's your disposition toward the increase? KS: To be honest, it really doesn't bother me. As a creative, it actually pushes to keep creating amazing products that are innovative, durable, and fashionable. Many purchase products from these other upcoming companies and the quality hasn't been good. People that want quality items will search for it just like a man that wants a quality tuxedo may go to Savile Row or Tom Ford. That's when Sharper Sons comes along to provide high-end quality handmade items at an inexpensive price." CD: I'm sure business is going well. For those who do not know, how is it possible to purchase items? KS: You can view products through @SharperSons on Instagram or upon request. For inquiries email The website is CD: Any last comments for the world? KS: I'll just leave you all with my motto "Fashion is for Everyone. Style is for the Chosen!" Let Sharper Sons 'sharpen' up your wardrobe!


These creative fashion pleasures are growing rapidly. Everybody wants to design these, in turn, everybody does! However, I only get comfortable with Sharper Sons. Every time Kaelan releases a new collection of pins, they’re so good that I’m not sure how he could possibly outdo himself the next collection, but he does. I really enjoy previewing each pin before it release. “Dog, you see these? You better cop you some now before I release these” the caption reads to a boutonniere preview text from Kaelan. He just released the official Sharper Sons neck ties and bow ties for men. Let me tell you something, these ties should price around $80 a piece! That’s how great they are but they are priced around $18 before tax. Every man in fashion who really takes style serious desires after “high end” quality – but not all of us can afford it. This dilemma leaves you with one option, Sharper Sons! I want the ladies to understand you’re not left out. Sharper Sons was selected to create over 200 Boutonnieres for Spelman College this past spring for an alumni event. There are other style options for ladies as well; the goal is to provide for all. You can even request custom pieces, I have a few myself that people try to buy off me.

We decided to do our first collaboration this past spring as well, this was a big season for the both of us. We hosted an event called “Fashionably Sharper” where we sponsored the accessories for a couple on prom night. It came about so randomly through a text message but we reinforced the informality and made it something we plan to do each year. The male winner from North College Hill High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bryshaun Brown, was styled by me. I picked his whole attire out and Kaelan designed the pocket square and boutonniere to match his attire. Not to be bias but I believe he was the flyest at the prom! The female winner from North College Hill High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lexus McCrary, was the first winner. She actually already had the dress picked out when I sent her a picture of her corsage and she told me, "It matches my shoes perfectly!" Kaelan designed the corsage. Not to be bias again, but I believe she was the best dressed female at the prom!

Ideas of this nature come about when two intellectuals come together; the scary part is, it’s only the beginning. We understand how tedious prom can be to have the perfect night. It starts with having the perfect date and then the sharpest attire, which can be pricy – the date and the attire both! We took it in our own hands to give back to the world and we plan to do even more. Sharper Sons is spreading to every avenue of society, every outlet, every entity- I am very proud to see the growth. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the future of fashion accessories, Sharper Sons.

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