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I came up with "The adeventures of Iris" on accident one day in Detroit. I was outside and the sun was setting, it was beautiful how the colors constrated against each other I had to capture it. In the process of doing so, I was urged to take these photos above that were all edited by VSCO Cam app on my iPhone. I uploaded them to my iPhone blog and titled them "The Adventures of Iris." It's been awhile since I captured anymore adventures, however, since the concept is now featured on Fashionably Late I will be more dedicated in doing so.

Just in case you're wondering what an "Iris" actually is, it's a part of the eye that controls how much light enters the retina. The pupil or "color" of the eye.

Stay tuned as I continue my adventures with my iPhone. There isn't a set "classification" of pictures I will be taking, I am intrigued by much. Just know, they will be coming from my iphone and they will be edited by VSCO Cam and Camera360 app(s).

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