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This past weekend was a special day for me as I was for two other individuals. My friend, my day-1 Shaniec Thomas got married to my boy Evan. A day for "the books" as I say to classic events. I am glad I was in attendance and was able to get some great photos. It is safe to say "Iris" had another adventure. Welcome to the second episode of THE ADVENTURES OF IRIS!

The beauty getting dressed in her barbie doll wedding dress just moments before the ceremony. Does this look like a nervous face? Not at all.

As we await the arrival of the bride the son looks up to the dad for his comfort. Such a precious display that I could not pass up on.

As I was taking pics of the ceremony I noticed a lady recording and I thought it would be a dope picture! Was I right? Yupp!

Of course I had to tell my jokes as the ceremony ended and we anticipated hundreds of more pictures. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Grier! Grey and white never looked better.

The groom, Evan Grier! Styling and profiling!

The cake.... it was amazing- the taste and the presentation!

Until next time on the ADVENTURES OF IRIS!


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