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Spring/Summer 2014 "Summer Daze" Look book

As always, we are ready to share a crazy dope visual...or two...or a lot. Welcome to the Summer Daze 2014 campaign featuring the one and only, Shaniec Grier. Usually we plan the shoots ahead of time to map out a location and theme and then we write the script for the conceptual framework. This time, we didn't really do none of that. I knew I wanted to use this particular field -it's wide open and it was perfect, but that was it. We picked the outfits out right before the shoot and we commenced to having fun. Everything was impromptu, ideas came to me as we went and we just ran with them.

With poor planning (although we purposely did it) expect to have setbacks and misfortune. It's all about how you bounce back and we were bouncing with this shoot. Typically, a shoot can last all day, there isn't a timeframe on greatness. We wrapped this up in about two hours in the blazing sun. By the end of the shoot I came up with 'Summer Daze' as an ode to the almost complete summer season we are in. We also decided to do a part 2, information on that is not yet available -but it will happen before the end of 2014.

Enjoy the dazzling presentment we call 'Summer Daze' and bask in the moments of Shaniec Grier. With all respect to our previous shoots, the confidence and maturity Shaniec possesses is obvious and it is enchanting. Summer Daze is an annual moment in time we all long for -eager for it's hailing, emotional for it's departure. We cannot escape the irresistable feeling Summer gives us, but once autumn approaches it's hard to grasp focus on just where did Summer go.








Summer Daze (Part 1) Shoot

Lead Model: Shaniec Grier

Photographer: Christian A. Drye

Project Assistant: Raven Denson

Date: Summer 2014

Location: Cincinnati, OH

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