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For awhile I've been into shoes, mostly Nike Dunks and cool Vans. I remember back in 2010 I bought my first pair of shoes from Cincinnati's premier sneaker boutique, Corporate. My love for shoes in general grows everyday but speaking of sneakers specifically- they are growing on me.I know a lot of people don't think I wear sneakers at all but I do- just not very frequently. I had a chance to go to GEM CITY SNEAKER EXPO for my birthday (special shout out to Tayo for the invite) and I was able to see the sneaker culture first hand. It's different than being on Instagram and different blogs, I saw the "love" in person. I'm not going to lie, soon as I walked in I was overwhelmed- I didn't know where to start. It was literally sneakers EVERYWHERE. First thing that popped in my head was, "start taking pictures." And I did. I saw some of my favorite shoes up close and I met some cool people.

One cool gentleman that I met was, Professor Smooth. His display table was nice as you can see. What I liked most is, he had a range of shoes and not just Jordan's. His collection of Vans are killing mine lol, but nonetheless it was inspiring. You can check out some of his display below.

I continued to walk around and I came across another cool table, I believe the guy name was Steve- but don't get me to lying. I do remember vividly that he didn't have social media, but his kick game was nice. Check out some of my favorites below.

I got to the other end of the room and ran into the Female Sneaker Fiend, my dear friend Chloe - who I didn't know was going to be there. We've been friends for about 5yrs now and I understand her love for sneakers, I was happy to be able to support her at the expo. Her display table consisted of her sneakers and two of her friends. They all have hundreds of shoes and its a hassle to set up and tear down the display so they came together to show out. All of there shoes came be seen below.

One of my favorite sneakerheads is my big brother, Tayo. He's been featured on my website a couple times earlier this year for his sneakers and we have a giant feature to publish that features Deon Jefferson that will be here later this year or first quarter next year. Tayo was assisted by his brother Meji and the set up was pretty cool. They had the homie Gonzo in some fly kicks and the turn table machine was spin sneakers and not records. Out of Tayo's many, many kicks he brought maybe 40-50 pairs to display. I was really pleased to be able to check him out and support him. He made it possible for me to get to the showcase. I told him I'm inspired to step my sneaker game up now! Check out a recap of Tayo's table below.

I'm glad I was finally able to re-meet Sneaker Dave. I met him years ago when I could care less about sneakers but this was pretty cool. I am one who gives props when they are deserved. So when I walked up to his table and said, "I already know who you are... man, you're a legend." If you're into sneakers especially in Ohio, you know who Sneaker Dave is. Check out a few of his kicks below.

Some of the photos were taken with my Nikon Camera and others were taken with my iPhone 5.

Socially, follow my featured Sneakerheads:

Professor Smooth: Instagram @professorsmooth

Chloe: Instagram @femalesneaker_fien22

Tayo: Instagram @effortlessly_o

Sneaker Dave: Instagram @sneakerdave

My first Sneaker Expo was fun and exciting, I can't wait to do more. Next time I will involve my blog even more. Until next time....

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