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Fashionably Late Presents: Josh Hardin

At this point, fashion is whatever you choose to make it. Some choose to over-do it while others would rather spend time focusing o others things - then there are those like Josh. On sight you can tell he is very particular about the pieces he chooses and how they're worn. My senior year of high school I was pretty fly, although, my sense of style was still developing I hada great idea of it. Josh, on the other hand, has an acute sense of what he is doing fashionably. I love when people can stand out by being simple, simple as that. Those who can balance dressing up and casually dressing will go far - you must know the environments you dwell in and understand the codes. I cannot wait to see what he does in a couple of years!

The mixing of patterns. I love how he mixed the Houndstooth pattern with the intricate stipe/polka combo pattern. Mixing patterns can be a huge risk but with enough neutrals as he has here, he made it happen.

Who's tooth? Houndstooth! This is my favorite fabric next to gingham- the black/white is so classic I had to get a closer look. I am seeing this more-and-more in womenswear but I believe it's stil lslept on in menswear. You also cannot go wrong with the black-faced watch, - every gentleman should know the time. Job well done, Josh!

The first thing ladies look at. Great choice with the black seude driving loafers. Be sure to be aware of the weather conditions - this will not be a great choice for the winter season or in the rain. This look could have also been finished with black leather wingtips or monk straps.

The recap. Great job again, josh! This outfit could work multiple ways, the jeans were key in this choice. This choice allows him to go to school, happy hour, day-today errands or a night on the town.


Be sure to follow Josh socially to keep up with his fly style and music career!

Instagram: @iamdjdream

Twitter: Utweet_IDj

Email: iamdjdream@hotmail

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