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Fashionably Late Presents: Cole Baker

Cool as can be. On Friday's it's always cool to lose the tie and layer or wear something less formal and more comfortable. Nice choice of colors, it is very simple and detailed. Our views on "fashion rules" are quite the same -although we do not necessarily believe in rules, we live by a "what not to do" code. Cole Baker is ahead of the game when it comes to fashion creativity. We both take a minimalist approach towards everything; details will also take you a loooooooong way. Cole is equiped to turn heads in a blazer but will also pull a fresh pair of sneakers out - I love versatility.

Details. One word can make or break an outfit: DETAILS. The neutral grey is amazing against the maroon, the cream is a lovely color blocking accent to bring it all together.

Friday DRYEday. This is a cool look for a Friday. The perfect example of how color blocking should flow. This picture has inspired me to feature a student every Friday to showcase their talents. Doesn't Cole look like the perfect model?

The finishing move. Come on now, you should know the shoes make the outfit complete. The last thing we put on but the first thing women look at. Always choose the shoe based on the environment and weather conditions. Suede is a bit risky this time of year in some parts of the world but if you have a chance to pull it off - do it. The brown with the red strings work well with the maroon accents above. The socks are on first - always have fun with the socks. We represent the #SockMinistry - can I get an amen?

To see more of Cole Baker please follow him on Instram: @bolecaker

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