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Fashionably Late Presents: Andrew Vaaler

Colors suited for the holiday season! I love OOTD'd that could be two outfits in one, for example this one here. The jacket makes this formal and allows you to have a more presentable look for meetings or a day at the office. This same outfit without the jacket is less formal but still looks great casually.

Real Fashion to me is knowing your environment and dressing in a suitable way that is not offensive to that respective environment. Andrew here, is a high school student in Cincinnati and looks like a college senior preparing for student teaching. He is always dressed in a fashionably-relaxed way and it is held in high regard. While his counterparts sag their pants, Andrew is actually styling and getting positive attention.

Color blocking is an art, so would a color blocker be considered an artist? I think so. You have to pick at least three colors and make them all co-exist in one outfit... sounds tough? For an artist, it's a piece of cake. Red and green are complimentary colors, that means they sit across from each other on the color wheel. Usually, the darker the green would mean a darker red -Andrew chose something different here. While he wore maroon pants, he chose a green with less saturation, opposed to a Jade hue. Don't worry, I love it. The navy jacket becomes a color blocking color and the gold buttons bring it together. The sweater now becomes an accent. Follow me here....

The belt accents the gold buttons on the navy blazer... okay, okay -I see you!

Don't step on my shoes. Usually your shoes are the first thing a woman looks at, I never understood why. They say you can understand a lot about a man from his shoes, why is that? Is the rest of the outft not important? The particular shoe choice would not have been my first. Judging off the rest of the outfit I would have worn my brown tassel loafers. However, I love this choice because it's different. I think a lot of people would have chosen brown loafers and that's where fashion becomes interesting. What I am learning to do is, ask myself how would the average person style my outfit -and then I do the opposite.

The bow tie actaully accented the shoe strings -good job!


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