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Fashionably Late Presents BTS x In-security

Probably my hardest project to date. I wanted it to be perfect and I achieved that. This is a behind the scenes look at the making of my latest project titled "In-Security." The entire piece is made from chalk and charcoal that is mixed together to produced the color combinations. This is my first project since I have left school and I gifted this to my Godfather and his wife for Christmas.

I'm constantly under attack. It's a spiritual war going on over who will control the mind. My whole plan is to keep my thoughts secure and controlled. Prayer and studying God's words will aide me in doing so. This is a glimpse of what I mean. The bottom colors are a mixture of blues, purples, and pinks. I see those colors in my head a lot, my thoughts are colors. It's up to me to be able to break down the colors and differentiate what's going on with me mentally. The top part is red and yellow, my chalk version of fire. We don't actually know what God looks like and even if we did see him we don't have the amount of knowledge to describe what we see. But in the book of Revelation it tells us his eyes are like flames of fire and his throne is fire. In this picture it symbolizes his spirit being close to me. The objects dividing the colors up symbolizes the world. God is not respected in "the world" it's satan's playground. Notice, in the middle the colors blend over the objects. That symbolizes the deceit of the world. Some people appear to be for you but they're really trying to hurt you. Discernment will eventually bring understanding to the situation. The pattern is called "Aztec tribal hatch" it's my version of a crosshatch. It's different colors that represent many skin tones -skin tones of those attempting to hold us back. People's true intentions will show. It's not for us to understand, being connected with God is the key to being successful through this all. So I can live "in" security Knowing God's presence is close by to protect me. My thoughts are all I have, if anyone other than God controls them we are in a world of trouble. Where I am with my artistry now is, simplicity. Simplicity is the lower order thinking of blooms taxonomy and I force you to fulfill the higher order thinking. Whether it's graphic design, typography, photography -I want to create the simplest work that means so much more than it shows. My thinking is obscure and ambiguous when it comes to art. The fire can also be a sunset. My thoughts could also be a body of water. The top could be the sun, the bottom could be a piece of a galaxy's in space. The bible is a double edge sword it cuts and it heals. The resembles that- start at the top it hurting you, the middle part is the care, now you're healing at the bottom. Life is a balance between good and evil where opposites co-exist in order to provide growth.

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