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Fall/Winter 2014 Visual Look Book

Not to be mistaking with any other brand who provides you with look books of their upcoming clothing collections. This is not the purpose of our "look book," however, we aim to provide you with a handful of visuals that we refer to as 'scenes' to look at. The Fashionably Late website is a universe for visual art, not to be mistaking for a fashion website as most think (although, fashion could be considered visual art). Fashion helps connect a lot of the photographs in ways graphic design doesn't, thus, forcing less words to be communicated to sharpen the visual experience. We plan to do two look books a year: Spring/Summer (S/S) and Fall/Winter (F/W) to showcase different scenes will feel are relevant in our expression of the respective season. The clothes that the models are wearing comes from their personal wardrobe and are not intended to be a promotional campaign. You may not agree with what is being worn in the picture, again, this is what we feel is suitable to visually express our scenes. There may be a part-2 to this look book because we are in the middle of winter in Ohio and have yet to see any snow.

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