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Fashionably Late x Fresco Restorations

Sneakers..... a waste of money to some, a prized possession for others. I remember as a kid getting a new pair of shoes and trying my best not to scuff or get them dirty because I was unsure about when my next pair would come. But that feeling of holding a fresh pair of shoes the first morning of what seems to be a life long school year, it was unmatched. Now, we have artist who restores shoes and customize them to fit your needs. This may or may not be an affordable option to some but it is available, most importantly. As I stated earlier, sneakers are a prized possession to some and they wont mind kicking out a few bucks to experience that same "first wear" feeling.

When I heard about Fresco Restorations, it was via Instagram, and I saw how he customized Timberland boots from suede to leather. Amazing! I was so hyped, but I had just got my wheat Timb's and I was still in love with them. I noticed he restored shoes that seemed "gone and forgotten" and made them look brand new. I wish I had this skill, maybe one day I will learn this craft but until then I'll stick with Fresco! I was in Detroit this past December (2014) and I decided to have Fresco clean my brown leather Bo Jackson sneakers, for $20 you cannot beat that. They are basically brand new again, Fresco also told me to switch up the shoe strings to give the leather a better look. Great choice, everybody loves them! At this point my 'wheats' are pretty busted but I am torn between two color ways that I want cutomed - I will be sure to post them when it happens.

Hear from the man behind 'Frecso Restorations' himself, Aaron DelFresco:

"I got into restoring shoes in highschool back in 2007 because I bought all of my own shoes and I wanted to maintain my investments. In high school I only cleaned and polished shoes for my friends for practice then I took a break from shoes in 2009. Around 2011, I started restoring again and used professional products and my name started to grow rapidly on the westside of Detroit."

The rest is history, or at least it will be - this guy is going places! Below you can view a couple of restorations he has completed, the rest can be viewed on his instagram. In all honesty, some of his work shocks me! We have all seen that one pair of sneakers that look like they need to be used as a dog toy. Crusty, dirty and dismantled - send it to Fresco and watch him work! His color schemes are amazing and his shoe knowledge is impressive. You may have ideas of how you want a particualr shoe, for those who do not - I will repeat, WATCH HIM WORK! I look forward to more possible collabs between our brands!

In October 2011 @Elcappy customized my Jordan 6's with a university of Michigan colorway that I really liked and it inspired me to start customizing shoes. @Elcappy, gave me a few pointers and where to purchase the paint and I customized my first pair of shoes which were a pair of Nike boots from purple to a candy blue, @elcappy liked my work and I kept customizing and restoring. Now I have regular clientele and I was the first to change old wheat timberland boots to leather with custom 'one off colors,' with that my brand is really expanding I have customers from California to New York.

I now have my cousin who is my protege working with me & Fresco Restorations has more unique works in the making stay tuned!

Enjoy another look at this skillful craft!


For more info about shoe/boot retorations and/or customizations, please feel free to follow Aaron on instagram, @delfresco and inquire there.

**All pictures belong to Aaron Delfresco and should not be used without his consent.

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