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Fashionably Late Presents BTS x "Girl, The World Revolves Around You"

At the beginning of this piece I had an idea of what I wanted to do, however, other artist can feel my problem - ideas change. Im not good at displaying everything that I think of yet, so I use my strengths and bring emphasis on them. While in fashion school I learned how to do croquis, as you see drawn above. Eventually, I will get rather good at drawing portraits but until then I will emphasize croquis and take my time.

The idea I had was to have this particular woman floating in the sky. I begin to paint the sky blue and bring it close to the woman as possible. I also changed the way her dressed looked about 3 times to make her chest and legs look appealing.

In my mind colors present themselves different at times. I always imagine the sky as colors I consistently see mentally: blues, pinks, and purples are those colors. I streaked a dark pink throughout the sky to add some flavor to the background. At this point I need to rbing the sky together so I used artist tape to protect my croquis from getting painted.

TIP: To speed the drying process up on acrylic use a blow drying. I bought mine from Dollar General for $10.

In my drawing class my professor had a thing for a ruch black colors and not washed up with hints of greys. I used ink to detail the croquis in places did not want to paint. The complete sky is finished at this point except the few portions close to the body. I used a dark blue to fill in those spots and added a rich green to streak across the sky. Layering these colors this particular way gives off the appearance of the globe spinning.

TIP: Sometimes while working other ideas will come, embrace them. I started off with a sky and that turned into the woman in the middle of the earth.

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