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Fashionably Late Presents BTS x "Untitled Jazz Art"

Before I even start, I cannot draw. Well, not on an exceptional level, I can descibe what I need but I'm not at the level where I would do commissioned work. Now lets go, I started with a 18in x 24in canvas and I used my F drawing pencil to begin getting an idea how I wanted my body on the canvas. I tried to depict this as accurate as possible - I do have a beard, I wear sports jackets at least 6x a week and I have a bean/pill shaped head. It took me awhile to get things as proportionate as I could so I spent plenty of time erasing directional lines and errors. I also wanted to do the exact opposite, which was exaggerate certain parts - my hands were a major thing. I wanted to do long scary looking fingers but I got frustrated with erasing and did the best I could.

TIP: You may not be good at a particular things, when it comes to drawing I cant draw from memory i have to be looking at something. Do what you can do and that will make your flaws look intentional.

Iam a rookie painter, I have only been working with this medium for a short while and it's all self-taught. As of right now I cannot do technical things but trial-and-error will get you where you need to be.. I knew I wanted to layer the skin on the face and not have a flat brown but it took me almost two hours to do it. I used my flat brush to execute my beard and it did a great job. My skin was a mixture of white, raw umber, orchard yellow, black and burnt sienna. I would put a layer on, blow dry it and my another color in certain spots and before you know it, I liked it.

Typically, I would do my background first. I really didnt know how these colors would layer and I already drew my body so I just went with the flow. I mixed gold and brown for the suit. I will admit, during this time I was about four hours in and I was beginning to get VERY, VERY frustrated. So I took some hours off to get my mind back focused and relaxed.

TIP: It's very hard to center yourself and get into a calm zone, so when you eventually reach it- keep it. At times you can get out of your zone by becoming aggravated with the process, just take a break if that happens.

After seven total hours, I finally reached the point of what I thought was completion. Usually, I would finish a design and then give it a day (or two) to see if I may want to make changes but I was satisfied with this. My signature painting expression is the color block mixtures, they describe how I am feeling and/or what I am thinking. Colors translate different for me than they would for others and thats fine. I want people to see my work and draw different conclusions from it - that's Bloom's Taxonomy. Once I layered some more and filled in the rest of the substrate. I used acrylic paint, oil paint, micron ink pens - so this work is considered a mixed media piece.

Right now it's in the masterpiece gallery located in Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati for $175. I will have copies for sale soon ranging from a few price/size options. That information will be on this website homepage.

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