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Fashionably Late x Style Isn't Enough

My partner is one of the finest southern gentleman you will find. We had a chance to compete in a fashion competition late last year where we went head-to-head on the best outfit. Sadly I was blown out of the water in the second round and lost the competition by 100+ votes. We became cool after that and he's like a little brother to me now. We plan to do some collaborative efforts in the future, stay tuned! The world needs to get ready for this creative growth that he possesses, let me introduce the man behind STYLE ISN'T ENOUGH.

Anthony Stephens Jr. from Birmingham, Alabama is the Founder of the brand Style Isnt Enough. This brand is based upon the principle that it takes more than Style to acquire greatness, but along with Education, Character, and Service it can be obtained. Displaying Fashion, and cultivating minds to be more than what the eyes see. We aspire to inspire through not only the outer appearance we posses, but also with the other tools we have that accommodates it which you will need.

Fashion to him serves as an outlet, allowing him to truly express his inner feelings through his outward appearance. Being from Birmigham, Alabama you don't see too much of Fashion, it's not a place where this industry is well known and thrives, so he decided he would be the change he wishes to see. Style Isnt Enough isn't all he has in store for the world, for his career has just begun. He's balancing being a full-time student at The University of Alabama and maintaining the start of his career and also being a Brand Ambassador. Make sure you watch out for this aspiring Fashion Mogul, from what he tells me he has many things lined up and he is working tirelessly to make it all come together. His website link is and you can find him on all social media with the name @styleisntenough .

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