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We had to end the month of February the right way.... What did you expect?

What I like about fashion is , you can be as creative as you want. The clothes we wear, in a way, describes how we are feeling. As you can see, our styles range - and our Black is beautiful. I am happy to see students still taking pride in clothes, I did in high school and that interest is still with me. I wasn't as fly as Josh Hardin (2nd from the right) this kid is really tailored. The younger you start the more experience you will gain.

I jumpred into fashion without a mentor, Iwould watch BET and try to copy styles until I found my own. As I grew, my attention to detail grew. However, I am still growing - we all are. Freestyle Friday is something Jordan Barber (3rd from the left) and I came up with randomly one day. Typically in most careers people dress down on Friday's to a more casual look - not us. We decided to go all out on Friday's from now on to go against the grain and indirectly encourage people to become more concerned in how they look. It's a freestyle because you are FREE to STYLE yourself however you want to.

Jordan Barber of Beyond Images Photography

We got the name BEYOND LATE by combining Jordan's brand, Beyond Images Photography and my brand, Fashionably Late. Sometimes it's good to show up late to an event and turn heads because you're fly. Always remember to be great, create the environment that you want, and style the heck out of your clothes. We both are young visionaries on the rise. We take pride in visual art and it just so happens we dress nice as well. It was fate that we met and joined forces to bring the world some pretty dope inspiration. You can follow us on instagram @WeAreBeyondLate

Janee' Dunigan and Josh Hardin

Bottom Row (L to R): Christian Drye (@dryehumor), Jordan Barber (@Beyondimagesphotography), Rashene Morris (@idontactmyage)

Back Row (L to R): Jordan Bradley (@J_smoof5), Janee' Dunugan (@_.janeeeee), Josh Hardin (iamdjdream)

All photos belong to Beyond Images Photography and should not be used without their consent.

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