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What do you know about setting a goals and chasing it? Can you relate to having a talent but continue to choose to get better at it? If you relate, welcome to the small circle of us who do - it is very rare.

Around the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area, there is a photographic artist by the name of Jordan Barber who runs a solid company/brand by the name of Beyond Images Photography.

Jordan has been into photography for a couple of years now, currently a senior at Princeton High School -the drive has not stopped but only gotten stronger. Barber and I met this school year, he came up to me and asked me a fashion question. I had no idea that he even paid attention to me -from there he told me about his photography endeavors and proceeded to hand me a business card. To be honest, I was impressed by the business card but not so much about the photography skills - I hadn't seen them yet. I took a look at his instagram to check out these "photos" and I became a fan - instantly. The young man has skills and he's still getting better. We talked more about art and agreed to do some sort of collaboration at some point but never got around to it. One Thursday afternoon and hit him up and told him we need to dress up tomorrow. I asked, "how dressed up do you want to get?" His reply was, "Lets go all out!" That we did - but I wanted to take pics just for instagram from either of our cell phones, he brought the big guns out! We went over to the old Princeton High School Building and conducted a real shoot and that was the first time I saw him in his "element" for lack of better words. He was so focused but he allowed me to give my input and be myself. I remember him saying, "How about you stand against the wall first... well you know how to model - do you."

We have came a long way from our debut shoot to create a deeper interest in what we do respectively (fashion and visual art) to start our group BeyondLate. We combined Fashionably Late (my brand) and Beyond Images (his brand) to have a super partnership to produce some of the best visuals ever. A lot more individuals have shown interest in there appearance to want to dress better and join us in pictures. We decided to just dedicate a day to showcase all of this, Friday! The event is called FREESTYLE FRIDAY and it has nothing to do with music. Typically, in the business world people dress DOWN on Friday's to more relaxed clothes. We do the opposite - we dress UP and hold nothing back. A lot of students know about it, even staff members speak with us about it. On any given day you can catch us dressed nicely - on Thursday's I dress down and wear jeans (because I cannot do it Friday) and when I first started doing it the staff members would act surprised. They never seen me dress down, I looked so plain - but I had to get my mind right for Freestyle Friday. I needed time to think about fly clothes.

I enjoy working with Jordan each chance we get. Our shoots continue to get better. Our studios are coming along nicely and we are loving our art. This summer I cannot wait unitl school releases so we can really go hard and spread our creativety around. More collaborations are on the way - I don't want to give away too much but just know, it will be dope! Below you can check out some more photos from BeyondLate and even more photos from Jordan's latest shoots.

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