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Mekhi Jones x Fashionably Late

Mekhi Jones (muh-ki)

Fashion Enthusiast

Cincinnati, Ohio

This young man is amazing. He attends North College Hill High School, where he is currently a senior. At this particular school, the students have to wear uniforms - and surprisingly he dresses up everyday. The crazy thing, I would have done the same. I graduated from Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio - I would always tell people if they changed our dress code to uniforms, I would dress it up on some prep type of style. But I never got a chance to do that in high school ha ha.

"You (Christian Drye) actually started me off into this, for real. Seeing you around the school and on instagram. I said, "that style is fresh AF and then I ventured into it. I checked your blog out and everthing."

When he told me that, it shocked me. I had no idea he was paying attention - or anybody else at the school for that matter. I use to work in the North College Hill school district, that is what he is referring too above. So that made me want to always make sure I am on point when I go out. You never know who is watching you. But I can certaintly say, he has his own style. I was part of his inspiration to change his style up but he has certaintly found his lane and he's journeying forward.

​Check his style out and follow his instagram @therealmekhi you can even keep up with him on tumblr

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