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Trey by Rushka

I'm walking past the 2900 wing at Princeton High School, I see a cluster of fine art pieces - then I see "Portrait." At first sight, I knew this was Robert Trey Tubbs! Trey (pictured right) is a senior at Princeton High School who has just landed an internship with Barbara Bates, as in Chicago based fashion guru Barbara Bates - yeah! Congrats, Trey! As a gift, another PHS Senior, Ruhshona Rajabova (pictured left) did a portrait of Trey.

I love backgrounds. I haven't really start using plain, single hue backgrounds. Mixing colors, to me, brings life to the painting and creates new colors to admire. I love how she left the white stroke around the body, it established a glowing effect.

I wish Trey the best in his fashion matriculation, I know he will do well and inspire a lot of individuals. As you see, he's wearing the "dabbin Santa" crew neck by Rapper, 2Chainz. While taking the picture Trey said to me, "make sure you can see my sweatershirt good." They see it crystal clear, Trey, crystal clear. The perfect top for this festive season.

Happy Holiday's from Fashionably Late!

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