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Fashionably Late x Kelz

As a respective colorist who expresses everything through whatever canvas or outfit I can get my hands on, I love those who do the same. Inside the village of Lincoln Heights, located right outside the city limits of Cincinnati, resides a young artist on the move.

(Fashionably Late) Introduce yourself and what it is that you do?

(Kelz) My name is Kelsy Gray and I'm an illusion artist. My #1 passion in life is drawing and designing. I've been like this for as long as I can remember. I was always addicted to bettering my skill so I practiced every single day and learned from myself non stop.

(Fashionably Late) How did you get into art for those who don't know?

(Kelz) My mom is a nail technician and my dad is an artist himself, he professionalizes in pointillism, the art of making small dots of paint into a large picture. He always taught me how to draw different things when I was little and I use to always get angry and wanted to draw how I wanted to. Now that i am older, I see that I ended up using some of his techniques in my drawings today.

(FL) Do you study art and follow artist?

(Kelz) I love bettering myself and seeing myself grow and I love doing things on my own. I don't plan on going to college and studying art because I've already learned the history of fine art and I don't think it relates to my style of art in anyway. I don't do a lot of paintings I mostly draw what I vision about. I do follow artists, though. I love seeing new artists online and reading about them and seeing how they arose to be successful.

As an artist, it is very hard to follow different artist that you admire because you have to stay true to your personal artistry and not get too much from them. At times I need inspiration when I choose to create, so I try not to look at my favorite artist who create similar to me. However, I always look at kelz's work for inspiration. I love the work she does on Timberland boots and apparel. I don't create that type of art so I enjoy looking at it, analyzing the colors and linear construction of the characters and letters. I believe she would be a dope graffiti artist and she is without a doubt one of the best colorist I have seen.

Art for me is very emotional, I get deep into my work and nothing else matters at the time. I respect artist who can do that. People joke about artist saying, how sensitive they are about their work. Yes, we are sensitive about our work, this is a way for us to vent to the esoteric few who are involved in expressing their feelings creatively.

"Remember to ALWAYS do things with love and NEVER exclude God out of your pLans because he will turn them around."

Kelsy Gray

(FL) Emotionally and mentally, how has art helped you?

(Kelz) Art has helped me a lot emotionally because throughout the years of my life I've suffered from low self-esteem, anxiety, anger and depression. I took it all out in my art which has caused me to create some masterpieces. I think art is a perfect practice of therapy for me because it has allowed me to build patience and allow me to learn from myself.

Everybody knows I am 100% for the kids! I love giving them an opportunity to be exposed to something outside of violence and stupidity. Besides, when I was a child, I longed for somebody to mentor me and show me different things. However, I still got exposed to new and exciting things, so I pass that down to all of the kids I can now.

(FL) What advice do you have for kids and upcoming artist?

(Kelz) I'd advise kids and upcoming artists to NEVER listen to what anybody has to say or suggest you to do whether it is good or bad. Allowing someone to tell you what you should do with your idea will throw you off track and will cause you to not focus on yourself. Follow your dreams, live life and don't do anything that will cause you to stress because when you're under stress, it causes you to fail. ALWAYS do your best. Don't be lazy, if something doesn't look right to you fix it until it's perfect. Don't stress out about school just because everybody else is going because school isn't for everybody. If you want to go to college for your business then do that. Remember to ALWAYS do things with love and NEVER exclude God out of your plans because he will turn them around. Always put Him fist and he will bless your future like no other! Be blessed

(FL) In what ways have social media helped you?

(Kelz) Social media has helped me in a lot of ways as far as my publicity because there's people in other states that are getting hip to my art and my designs. It also helped me broadcast my art and let people see what I got going on, which is good and kind of bad because there's always someone trying to steal someone's ideas and artwork.

(FL) What is the ultimate goal for your artwork? In what steps are being taken to get there?

(Kelz) To own my own business, be my own boss, and get my label copyrighted and just take off with my art. I've already started taking some steps to get there by working hard nonstop and not letting things get in my way. I need to get my label copyrighted and get back on making clothes and other things again. I need to make a lot of investments which will no be easy but I will get it done no matter what.

(FL) Do you remember the first piece you did that got you recognition?

(Kelz) I don't think I remember the first piece I've made that got me recognition but I can definitely say that it wasn't the Timberland boot art that I do now. I've gotten a lot of recognition starting off way back in elementary school. I was always that friend and person that everyone knew I'd show out with the art. I always had my art hung up on displays, always won awards and I always had people surprised when I created new things for the first time.

(FL) What are your strengths and weaknesses inside art?

(Kelz) I'll say, being in the art industry you will have some weaknesses, especially when it's something you take serious. My main weakness inside of art is that I always have visions of drawing something that I know would be so dope and then when I get home to recreate it, turns out terrible (laughs).

It never fails...but my strength is that as soon as I turn some of my favorite music on, I instantly start flowing and I end up creating one my best pieces of art. I love seeing the things I can come up with. Another one of my weaknesses is that I have a terrible problem with doubting and underestimating myself. That is actually something that I've been working on lately and it's turning out absolutely great.


I really enjoyed the background information on Kelz. I would like to thank her for doing this article with me and I wish her many, many more years of success. Please follow her and continue to support her. Despite anything that goes on, Lincoln Heights, you have individuals like Kelsy and I to look up to.

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