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AMIR - All My Ideas Raw

I've been saying that my custom clothing collection, TI:ME (this is my energy) was dropping since fall 2021 lol, well at least that was the plan. My idea was to release the collection at my art show COFFEE (can only fail follow everyone else) October 30, 2021 (hence the Fall 2021). I had an outfit on and I told my customers from over the years to wear their piece(s) I made for them, denim of all sorts and leathered items, a concept of turning them into unintentional, yet intentional, piece of ART (a real thing). They would already be at the show regardless, gazing at fine art while taking pictures of the beautifully contrasted hues fixated on the wall, why not wear the piece of ART they invested in... ultimately becoming ART themselves.

My ART is not for everyone, I'm not even for everyone. It's a personalized piece of truth, strategically designed by vulnerability in a way that displays the glory of God. That's where I get my creativity from and that's the purpose of my whole LIFE (living in front of everyone) to demonstrate the power of God through ART + Fashion. All of my ART is 1 of 1 and made from the experiences of that moment and never to be made again. I can't recreate the vibe, or the location with the same outfits on and same temperature... literally whatever is on my heart is displayed from that moment. It serves as two purposes: first, it's a cool holy moment between God and I, to even be trusted with the opportunity is super dope and two, it's a moment I share with the customer, literally making them ART. Whether it's a jacket or a pair of jeans, you become an art show as you walk, the piece is already ART - you don't have to wear it, you could frame it. When you wear it, you become ART and the world transforms into your art show - own the stage. It takes confidence to wear my creations - bold glitches of tertiary colors blended with Metallics and pastels, affirmations and honest moments of grace- you literally have to own the stage in my creations - I told you earlier I'm not for everyone, neither is my ART - we are esoteric.

Fast forward, I'm here - finally (in my mind I've been dreaming of this since around 2006 when I was in high school). To have some type of clothing in the world to display my ART on -back then, I had no idea I would eventually serve God in general, and especially with my ART. I just had my own idea of what I thought my route, action steps and success would look like -you know God's ideas are a different... wayyy different. 17 years later I feel like I'm ready enough to accept this thing. "TI:ME" was supposed to debut, October 30, 2021 at COFFEE -truth is, it's literally been dropping this whole TI:ME. Anytime I've styled an outfit or created one, that was TI:ME! I had no idea again, any of this stuff was going on, I can actually date back to 2005 at Western Hills Design Technology High School, when I first started customizing clothes. Obviously, I'm not smart enough to have an idea that any of this creative stuff in my LIFE would happen, I never wanted to be a creative - I just wanted to make a statement. I could only give this glory to God for even strategically providing practice in my early LIFE to be applied now in LIFE.


$ideNote (a space where I'll use to further explain something that's already happened or something I've already said and to further support a point):

(Psalm 103:2) is probably my new favorite scripture: Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.

That is it, that is all.


I always get asked if I can create something for someone when they see me wearing my creations - the opportunity is now. Yes, I can make you ART and welcome an opportunity for you to tell a story with me. I have a pair of overalls that I painted for a 90'a party, disqualifies it as an item I would frequent. It's a piece of ART, it literally hangs in your closet and you can bring it out occasionally- if that.


May 2023


The official photo shoot for "TI:ME" is still forthcoming, I have to find a new location for my vision and I'm good to go. In the mean TI:ME, slots are available to be styled in a 1 of 1 custom piece of ART.

The first piece of "TI:ME" to touch the revamped Fashionably Late blog is dedicated to my favorite artist, AMIR (all my ideas raw) -my nephew. He represents my character, BOY (be only yourself), in my creative universe. I designed him this pair of overalls for his 4th birthday, last month in September. He can wear it a couple of times and then we can save it to hang as ART as he grows up. We can look back on our journey together and use the custom pieces as milestones markers to remember how far God has brought us. You can now order yours and make your own statement as you hit the stage of LIFE. I created myself a pair of shoes to match the glitter crystals on the side of Amir's overalls. I am customizing limited styles of dress shoes and slippers as well. When you go to the booking page, after you request to be styled by myself, you will setup a zoom call to allow me to see the items you desire to have customized. I tell stories through ART, I wear them and other people wear them - would you like to buy some ART and become ART all at once?


To be styled by Drye follow the link

Grace and Peace,




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