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“LIFE can change fast so be ready”


$ide Note:

It was the morning of July 1, 2023 and I'm doing my morning routine before I reported to the Cincinnati's Black Lives Matter! Mural to paint. I'm in solitude with God, as everyday, and I'm mind blown of how art can impact the world, in reference to the BLM! Mural and my art in general. I then realized that art has literally changed my life and it felt immediate that God replied, "...because you're an artist," in a "You mean to tell me you didn't know that?" type of tone. I, immediately burst into tears in the most grateful posture I could exude. I've never called myself an artist, I've always said I'm just myself and I'm trying to become a better me. I want to be like Jesus, so whatever he says I am, I am - I'm an artist, a teaching artist to be exact.


For the last couple of months I've been working on some 1 of 1 artwork for my new lessons. I've been so engulfed in getting that done and figuring out from God my nexts steps that I forgot why I'm an artist. At times it can get jaded and you can get caught up in your ego - that's the case for me, the destination became more of a priority than the process. I've been in a great flow working for awhile and then out of nowhere I just got tired of painting. It felt like a burden, I was also distracted by LIFE and then all of that came to a crashing hualt.

I've just got back into a flow of painting and I'm trying to paint everyday but it's still a challenge.

So this particular piece wasn't sitting well with me for a three weeks and I was getting discouraged about it.


$ide Note II:

I woke up and decided to paint and I don't know exactly what God did when I turned my head but when I turned back around, I was in love with the same painting. I had made up the ground that I lost being mad and not wanting to paint, not only did I love it, I finished it a couple hours after that. "LIFE can move fast so be ready" is a quote that I wrote on the painting and where I got the title of this entry.


Artwork is super ugly, a lot of times, during the process. LIFE, is super ugly, a lot of times, during the process. I forgot all about the proces and directed my attention to the destination - where I can only successfully get to, with God. When I looked at the painting after I realized I love it, I burst out crying. It hit me again, why I'm doing art - the purpose God gave me. This painting is for my dawg and I know his whole family will be able to benefit from the meaning as well. I was so appreciative to God for the opportunity of using my art talents to create impact. After I got all of my tears out I sat there and finished.

It reminded me that I am an artist because God said so. It also reminded me that I have a responsibility to stand up for what's right and wrong. That, along with that, I'm supposed to do my best to help shape the environment in a way glorifying Jesus. That's simply using my personality and/or skillset to bring good vibes, cheer people on and set the tone. I'M BACK!!!!!

Grace and Peace,




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